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ayamemine's Journal

Ayame and Mine -- Maid for each other...
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Aya/Mine is ♥
Aya/Mine is CANON!

Colorbar by sha_chan Icons first used in maintainer's journal fleurette and credited in keywords. Thanks so much for making them!

Welcome to Ayame/Mine -- Maid for each other...

Owned and lightly moderated by fleurette

"Everyone has one, two, or three secret gardens that they can't share with anyone."

This community is dedicated to the romantic relationship between Ayame Sohma and Mine Kuramae from the anime/manga series Fruits Basket. For any random visitor, Ayame is the one possessed by the snake of the Chinese zodiac. Whenever he's embraced by anyone of the opposite gender, or if he's weakened by illness or extremes in temperature, Ayame transforms into a snake. In his daily life, he owns and operates a shop for those who want their dreams fashioned into the finest handmade dressings...Ayame will tailor any clothes that are ordered. "No design is an enemy to me."

Mine Kuramae is Ayame's assistant and confidante. She helps make the clothes, and when she sees a cute girl, she has a tendency of wanting to make her change clothes. Mine often wears a maid's uniform -- the most popular style in the shop -- not because she has to...it's not the store's uniform... "I'm wearing this because I like it!"

All I can say is, Ayame and Mine are maid for each other! If you think so too, you've found the right place!

Community rules are quite simple -- Rules adapted from affiliate community mabudachiboys

1. Have fun and don't take anything too seriously! Randomness is encouraged!

2. Fanfiction and Fanart is welcome! It must relate to Ayame and Mine; as a couple, or separately. Please LJ cut long fics and all fanart, as well as all those with questionable [NC-17, not work safe, not kid safe] content. Here's how: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

3. Promoting RPs and other communities...Yes, if it relates to the topic of this community. I won't be too hard on this one, and will only make more rules regarding this if it becomes necessary. I may mention other Furuba communities in the user info -- if you would like me to link you there, drop me a line.

4. Regarding spoilers. I love spoilers, personally, and will be very lax about them here. If you feel the need to hide them, use the LJ cut, but if you don't feel like it, don't. Just be prepared for the possibility of spoilage, since all discussion is welcome regardless of how far anyone is in the manga or anime.

5. And of course, be good to each other. If you just can't stand the idea of Ayame and Mine together, perhaps this isn't the community for you, but we should respect each others opinions regardless, OK? Flames will not be tolerated.