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Ayame and Mine -- Maid for each other...

December 19th, 2018

May 26th, 2006

Chapter by Chapter Discussion @ 08:09 pm

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There's something fun going on at the randomfandom forum!

It's a chapter by chapter discussion of the Fruits Basket manga starting from the beginning! We've only just started with chapter one! I'm up for chapters 10 and 12 [look for GiaKohana]. You can sign on to lead the discussion of an available chapter, or you can just come and discuss! You can choose whether to discuss with or without spoilers, so you don't even have to worry about that!

So, come on over! Looking forward to some great discussions!

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May 12th, 2006

(no subject) @ 10:07 am

Hi everyone,

It's way too hard to find (new) good fic in the mass of unreadable ones out there and I was wondering if anyone had read something really nice they'd like to share with a poor fic-deprived soul?

And since, in ficland, pairing is at the heart of everything sacred, here's a short list of pairings I will *not* read:

Any of the older 12shi / Any of the younger 12shi.

Other than that, *anything* is game, as long as it's well-written. Well, looking at my icon should give you an idea of what my otp is, and I'm a shameless Mabudachi fan too XD. Please, please, folks, help a poor soul. I need fic. I need fic!

*crossposted over the interweb. Sorry it this kills your friend page.^^; *

May 7th, 2006

Welcome to Ayame Mine! @ 05:29 pm

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Welcome everybody! The Ayame/Mine community is now open for business!

Please jump in and say hello...everyone is welcome to post fanfic, fanart and general commentary regarding Ayame and Mine!

These were originally posted to 20_fruits, which is a 20 Facts community for Fruits Basket! Where not based on canon, these are based on my own speculation/wishful thinking about Ayame and Mine's lives and romantic relationship. Enjoy, comment and post away!!!

Revelation 1: Sohma Ayame

Revelation 2: Kuramae Mine

Revelation 3: Ayame and Mine